Take a Seat at the Fire

Pledging to the Bonfire contract helps make ETH more rare, with an opportunity for a healthy award

Number of seats left:


What is Bonfire?

The Bonfire contract is an agreement to burn ETH between users
to make ETH more rare. A portion of the ETH gathered is given
out as awards to participants. Early on, the chairs wished
to donate an amount of the gathered ETH to a cause, but quickly
saw no one could agree on which cause to donate to. We feel that
burning the excess ETH is the best course of action. Burning ETH
benefits all holders of ETH.

More technical information here: Bonfire 15 I.

Try it free: Bonfire Rinkeby.


Number of awards: 5

One awardee chosen recieves 30% of the ETH collected.

The remaining 4 awardees split 10% of the ETH collected.


The odds of being chosen as an awardee are about 1 in 3000.

Buying more than one seat at the fire will increase your odds.

Please buy seats responsibly.


Withdrawals cost the amount of gas for the transaction regardless of the amount withdrawn.

Check to see if you have an award awaiting you with the button below. (requires a connection with MetaMask)

Do you have awards waiting?

Self Destruct

If called, the self destruct function burns all ETH held in the contract.